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Advanced Mobile Medical Simulation program

The Advanced Medical Simulation Program is a state-of-the-art facility featuring some of the most advanced medical simulation technology available today. To allow even greater access to advanced medical simulation training through mobile medical simulation truck and field virtual hospital.


Jaheziya Advanced Mobile Medical Simulation Program is a fully-functional in emergency and disaster simulation technology.

Our advanced technologies and medical simulation technicians enable us to simulate realistic medical emergency and disaster scenarios.

With advanced medical simulation capabilities, healthcare providers, and first responders in the region can develop and expand their skills in an interactive, safe learning environment.

Scenario-based Training

Our skilled technicians create clinical scenarios that challenge and improve the healthcare provider’s proficiency. Each clinical scenario is video recorded, allowing clinical teams to debrief after each training scenario.

Realistic hands-on training scenarios help maintain a high level of readiness. By offering clinical scenarios tailored to the learning objective, healthcare professionals and first responders are able to learn new skills and improve existing skills.

Advancing the Delivery of Healthcare

The Advanced Medical Simulation program is dedicated to advancing training and skills to deliver high-quality healthcare. Whether you are a physician, paramedic, or ER physician, we can develop targeted clinical scenarios to help you advance the delivery of healthcare.

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