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Jaheziya program

Jaheziya is modeled on the program developed by a consortium of leading US universities and provides successful participants an accredited certification approved by a group of prominent US and UK disaster management institutions, including The National Disaster Life Support Foundation (USA), The American Academy of Family Physicians (USA), the Advanced Life Support Group (UK) and the International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) program (US).

Jehiziya training courses are comprehensive, competency-based and standardized across all emergency response disciplines and covering all potential hazards. Specialized courses include:

  • E-learning in Emergency and Disaster Medical Response

  • Stimulation Field training in Emergency Medical Response includes the following:

    • Core, Basic and Advanced Disaster Life Support

    • International Trauma Life Support

    • Medical Response to Major Incidents & Disasters

    • Basic and Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics

Jaheziya Program Strategy:

All trainees will undergo 60 hours of virtual and field training in courses uniquely suited to their specific roles in emergency and disaster response. The e-learning components will include monthly seminars for all participants as well as specialized weekly courses based on individual areas of expertise. Field training will be provided to all medical professionals through mobile training centers set up across the UAE as well as in local hospitals. Trainees are required to pass exams following each segment of the program to achieve certifications.

The program is structured to be self-sustaining to provide for long-term capacity building. The highest performing candidates will be nominated to participate in specialized instructor courses. This “train the trainer” leadership development approach will result in the ability to sustain a highly capable and functional local faculty of emergency response experts to lead future training programs.

The Jaheziya program is being offered to all medical professionals, ambulance and rescue team members, staff working in a wide range of emergency and crisis response departments, and all professionals and volunteers in the Frontline Heroes Office registry.  The Frontline Heroes Office and Sheikha Fatima Volunteer Program are coordinating outreach to all government, healthcare, and private institutions responsible for registering employees with the Office to identify candidates for the first training courses that will start in January 2021.

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